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5 Boutique Hotels you need to consider staying at in Budapest Here, don't head straight to the hotels that are haunted by most international visitors. You are unlikely to get the authentic feel of the country there. Instead, head to the boutique hotels haunted by the locals.
Budapest, Hungary
Club Med Les Deus Alpes The Club Med Les Deus Alpes sits pretty on the sunny slopes of Southern Alps in France. It is one of those ideal family holiday spots that you take the family for a bonding vacation.
France, France
Budapest Marriott Hotel The Marriott brand rules everywhere it sets it foot. From Dubai to New York, you will find this chain of hotels the most respected institutions. In Budapest, the Marriott has outdone itself. Not only does it have one of the most exclusive addresses in Budapest - along River Danube - but also shares streets with the Hungarian Parliament and Buda Castle. Now tell me you wouldn't want to stay here during your trip to Budapest...
Budapest, Hungary
Eden Gold International Club Holiday Inn It has elected not to be flaunted on the magazines. It remains an exclusive destination for those travellers that have done their homework researching for a destination that is off-the-beaten-path.
Young Man KiteBoarding, Fun in the ocean, Extreme Sport Kitesurfing.jpg
Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino Even here, the Marriot flag soars high, proud in the recognition that few of its competitors can match its luxury facilities, world-class restaurants and highly trained staff.
Beautiful beach in Aruba, Caribbean Islands, Lesser Antilles.jpg
Visit the Byzantine Museum and uncover this hidden gem Along the Vassilissis Sofias Avenue in Athens, Greece, you will find a hidden gem which many a tourist would be glad they knew of before they went to Greece. Its name is the Byzantine and Christian Museum.
Tourists visiting the Hagia Sophia.jpg
Athens, Greece
You didn't visit Athens if you missed the Plaka Welcome to the old and historical Plaka neighborhood in Athens. And it’s true, there is no better place to sample the authentic Greek culture than in this neighborhood and hence the popular saying that states that 'You didn't visit Athens if you missed the Plaka'.
Traditional houses in Plaka area under Acropolis ,Athens,Greece.jpg
Athens, Greece
Discover the history of the Temple of Hephaestus The temple is categorized as a Doric Peripheral Temple, and is perched on Agoraios Kolonos hill in the northwestern side of the Agora of Athens.
Temple of Hephaestus,Athens,G reece.jpg
Athens, Greece
Holašovice Historical Village Reservation Have you heard of a building style that is called South Bohemian Folk Baroque that was developed in the Middle Ages to preserve the ground plan? Well, only in very few Bohemian villages will you find such architecture. One such village is known as Holasovice, one of the best preserved 18th and 19th century central European Village.
Rural decorated houses in Holasovice. UNESCO World Heritage Site, South Bohemia, Czech Republic.jpg
Czech Republic
Cultural Landscape of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces you gotta go here The Honghe Hani Rice Terraces are located on the banks of Hong River and beautifully cascades down the slopes of Ailao Mountains. The terraces were carved out of a dense forest by the Hani people who had migrated from northwest some 1300 years ago. On some of the places, there are over 3000 terraces, mostly between the lower edges of the terraces and the floor of the valley.
Rice Terraces in Northern of Vietnam.jpg
Mount Wuyi you gotta go here One of the most outstanding subtropical forests in the world is to be found in south East China at a place called Mount Wuyi. It is a habitat to some of the oldest species in the world. To this, add the Nine Bend River, many temples, numerous monasteries, ruins, and the ever majestic riverine landscape and you have a must visit destination.
Footpath with mountain landscape.jpg
Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples, Chengdu you gotta go here Chinese landscaping and integrating of buildings into the natural environment is legendary. This fact is best illustrated by the Mountain Resort and its outlying ensemble of temples. The Mountain Resort was built and landscaped during the reign of the Qing Dynasty. It has a very rich cultural, political and historical significance to the Chinese People. It was the final flowering place of the Chinese feudal Society.
Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples.jpg
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor you gotta go here In the year 210 BC, Emperor Qin became the first Chinese Emperor to unify China. However, it was not until 1974 that his burial site was discovered. It is no doubt there are many unearthed statues that still remain at this site, but whatever has been discovered is earth shattering. The emperor was buried with terracotta warriors who also had horses, chariots, and weapons.
part of the Terracotta Army in Xian in China.jpg

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